“Petruz Açaí”

flavor, energy and health
Every big tree was once a small seed

Through time and efforts, the seed grew into a beautiful tree that bear the best fruits and generate the new seeds of tomorrow.


Petruz Açaí is like a big tree with deep roots and in its branches lay different brands that create natural delicious food. The branches are united by one ideal: to bring FLAVOR, ENERGY and HEALTH to a greater number of people, all around the world.

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“History roots”

It all started in Brazil in 1982 when the Silva Santos family moved, from Paraiba to Pará, to begin their Açaí berry business. Gradually, the family expanded their commercial operations to other states nationwide, acquiring a deeper knowledge regarding quality and logistic supply.

Soon after that, in 2005, the Silva Santos´ installed their first industrial park in Castanhal, Pará, which leaded to more commercial activities and the consolidation in the national and international Açaí market.

Nowadays the firm, which is managed by the family second and third generation, works with the following market segmentation: Local, National and International. In the particular case of the international Market, Petruz exports to more than 30 countries with operations in three of them, Brazil, USA and Italy.

More than 30 years of experience gives us the knowledge and resources to provide our clients with the hightest quality of this very own Amazon fruit.

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