Açaí na tigela carioca

“Açaí carioca bowl”

Açaí carioca bowl is a typical Brazilian dish made of açaí berries.
It’s an easy, quick, and delicious way to eat açaí.


200gr of Petruz organic açaí (pure or with guaranà);

1/2 of banana;

2cl or 3cl of apple juice (or another juice or water);

Topping: muesli (or hemp seeds, chia, poppy) and slices of other fresh fruit (banana, strawberries, mango, blueberry, etc).

how to prepare açaí na tigela carioca


1. Partially defrost Petruz organic açaí under running water for a few seconds;

2. Break the pulp into small pieces to facilitate the blending process;

3. Open the sachet. You can use a knife or scissors;

4. Put banana, açaí and apple juice (or water) in the blender;

5. Mix together until you get a smooth consistency;

6. Pour the contents into a bowl;

7. Garnish the açaí with slices of fruit and muesli.

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