Açaí bowl mango, kiwi e semi di chia

“Açaí bowl with mango, kiwi
and chia seeds”

Açaí bowl is a typical Brazilian dish made with acai berry pulp.
Try this new recipe with mango, kiwi and chia seeds!


100gr of Petruz organic açaí (pure or with guaranà);

1/2 of banana;

2cl or 3cl of apple juice (or another juice or water);

1 kiwi;

1/2 mango;

chia seeds;

brazilian nuts (full or in pieces).

how to prepare açaí


1. Partially defrost Petruz organic açaí under running water for a few seconds;

2. Break the pulp into small pieces to facilitate the blending process;

3. Open the sachet. You can use a knife or scissors;

4. Put banana, açaí and apple juice (or water) in the blender;

5. Mix together until you get a smooth consistency;

6. Pour the contents into a bowl;

7. Garnish the açaí bowl with slices of kiwi and mango and add chia seeds and Brazilian nuts.

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