A rich source of antioxidants, fibers, mineral salts and Omega fatty acids.
Açaí berry is as little as a blueberry but it is a force of nature.

Considering its energizing and revitalizing properties,
this superfruit is often used in many anti-aging, vegetarian, vegan and sport diets.

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“Açaí carioca bowl”

how to prepare açaí

Açaí bowl is a widely popular recipe in Brazil and is very much consumed
on the marvelous beaches of Rio de Janeiro and almost anywhere in the country.

Bowl contains pure Açaí berry pulp and other superfruits. Colorful and tasty, they are the perfect mix
to start a day as your breakfast or as a healthy light meal full of wonderful nutricious properties.

Making a bowl is incredibly simple!
Jump in to our kitchen and try all of our recipes!

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“We are Petruz Açaí”

We are a brazilian company with 35 years of experience in the tropical fruit market. Our adventure began in 1982, selling Açaí in the brazilian northern states.

Our goal is to bring the benefits of Açaí berry all over the world. We are currently exporting to 25 countries. We follow well-established processes and procedures to continue our commitment to food quality standards.

We want to preserve the Amazon rainforest. Açaí cultivation helps safeguarding the rainforest by combating the deforestation and extraction of the palm heart or "palmito".

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